The Lost Bible

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Romania’s record-breaking best seller, The Lost Bible tallied more than 270,000 copies and it is the first book in Romanian history to sell more than 10,000 copies in pre-order. 3,200 copies flew off the shelves during the novel’s first week in the shops. Igor Bergler’s novel was the hit book of the Gaudeamus Book Fair (in Bucharest). 125,000 visitors voted it the most desired book at the fair where it sold 1,600 copies in four days. The Lost Bible has been picked up by one of the largest literary agencies in the world, and it has appeared on the agency’s Hot List at London Book Fest, the most important rights fair in the industry.

Mihai Iovănel (one of the best younger critics) calls The Lost Bible “the best thriller published by a Romanian author so far.” George Arion, whose detective novels are known around Romania says, “The Lost Bible seems to have been written by a Renaissance man (full of information about everything) who and he really knows how to build a thriller. The Lost Bible is fast-paced, full of plot reversals, and it may well become an international best seller (” Art critic Pavel Susara declares The Lost Bible “a unique book in Romanian literature and in international letters as well.”


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